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I have always been fascinated with the human mind and existential questions like ‘why are we here?’, ‘what are we?’, ‘what makes a good life?’, ‘how are we all connected?’, ‘why do we suffer?’ and ‘how do we heal?’

My curiosity and my desire to help people led me to begin studying social work and psychology at RMIT in 2013. Social work helped me appreciate the impact of social structures and context, but I was more interested in the human condition so I switched to focus on studying psychology.

This was a better fit, and I got the requisite qualifications. I graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology) in 2015, I graduated from my Honours year in Psychology at Latrobe University in 2016, and I graduated from A Masters of Psychology (Clinical) at the University of Melbourne in 2019. I quickly enrolled in further study and in 2024 I graduated from the three-year core training course in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) and have now begun the three year advanced training program. I regularly consult with supervisors in and out of that program.

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Clinical Psychologist with extensive training and experience

“Understanding of human suffering and healing…”

At university I learned to think critically, analytically, to interpret scientific evidence, to learn, to recognise various forms of suffering, to provide powerful behavioural interventions to clients, and to make and test hypotheses in real-time. It is my time with my patients and my various mentors however, that has taught me to meet with people in a way that is truly healing to them.

My career-long commitment to deepening of my understanding of human suffering and healing drives my seeking out of master-therapists in Australia and all over the world to connect with and personally learn from including Dr Michael J Greenberg in the USA, Johannes Ermagan in Sweden, and Julie Cochrane, Dr David Spektor and Professor Kim Felmingham in Melbourne.

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Good on you for investigating ways to heal. It is certainly possible for you.

“I Absolutely admire my patients, who everyday courageously look within…”

I absolutely admire my patients, who everyday courageously look within, reconcile with their pain, and find relief. I have created A Healing Place – Psychology Clinic in Clifton Hill as a beautiful space to reflect that admiration and respect for my patients. The ambitious name unapologetically reflects my stance on therapy; it is more than the sharing of strategies or the venting of problems, it’s aim is to help people heal themselves.

I look forward to meeting you.

‘What is the problem you are seeking help with?’ Is the first question I will ask you. Good on you for seeking help.